At DNM LAB we're always looking to the future of denim.

Owning our factories puts us in the best position for this, allowing us to be fully in charge of the production process. We are proud to craft denim on our terms.

Combined with a team of industry specialists, this means we not only stay on the forefront of fashion and denim innovation, but also provide a fair price to our customers.

This is the core of our business, putting you and our denim in the centre.

How do we do it?

We sell online only, and use no retailers. This way we can avoid the huge markups associated with traditional retail. This is your one stop shop for premium denim at a fair price.

We produce a limited quantity to avoid markdowns or overstocking, so we can make our prices fair from the beginning.

This means we can produce more fashion-forward, youthful product lines putting us as a leader in denim trends.

This is DNM LAB. Join our Community.