From the chambray pocket linings to branded buttons and rivets, selvedge edge on the fly and intricate chain stitching, we’re all about the finer details.

The best denim fabrics in the world deserve expert craftsmanship, which is where our factories come in.

We are dedicated to preserving the heritage methods of constructing premium denim, pairing innovation with traditional, authentic craftsmanship methods.

Dedicated to creating a new standard, we are as progressive in our approach to the environment as our collections, applying state of the art technical innovation to designs rooted in quality and creativity.


There is always more that can be done in the fast-moving world of fashion and technology. We're always striving to embrace and develop the latest technologies to keep our ecological footprint to a minimum.

Post-consumer waste:

Another of fashions biggest sustainability issues is throwaway culture. Due to the perpetually decreasing life cycle of trend based fashion people are throwing more and more clothing away. This presents a problem, not only for within fashion but for the environment on the whole.

To combat this we're developing technologies that will recycle goods disposed of by consumers.

We're also developing the use of recycled metals for our metal wear trims. This means that in the future our trims will be made from recycled metal.


Denim is everything to us, meaning that you know we care about every single product that comes from our factories, and our reputation reflects that.

— Phil Stott, Founder